I'll tell him during lunch

The moment Stella stepped into the bar, everyone began looking at her, some were even pointing their fingers at her and murmuring. Stella just sighed inwardly knowing that it was the gossip with Davis, I mean if it's not it then what else?

"Stella" Stella heard her name and she looked forward to seeing Arya rushing towards her. When Arya got to her, she held her shoulders and stared at her face closely. 

"Have you seen what is trending all over the news and Media?" Arya asked.

Stella just slowly slapped her hands off, walked over to the counter to drop her bag before facing her. "I saw," she replied.

"And... Don't you have anything to say about it?" Arya asked again, making Stella roll her eyes.

"What do you expect me to say? It's a rumor and it'll clear up soon" she replied. 'Hopefully' she added that one in her mind.

"You're in trouble Stella, what if Charles sees this, what are you going to do?"  The moment Arya asked that question, Stella realized that it was actually making sense. She had lied to Charles already and if he definitely finds out about this then he would get mad at her for real.

Just this thought alone began petrifying the hell out of her. She can't stand Charles getting mad at her not especially when she was at fault this time and to make it worst she even lied to him using Arya as an excuse, oh lord what has she done!, While going through this panic her phone began ringing and checking the caller's ID, she almost fainted. It was none other than Charles, why was he calling? Did it find out about the news? Has he seen the news? Oh lord what will she do now?

"Don't tell me that you're just going to stare at your phone all day, pick it before he gets suspicious!" Arya's voice brought her back to earth and with shaky hands, Stella took her phone and picked it.

"H.. hello?" She stuttered, making Charles crease his brows from his office.

"Babe, why do you sound that way?Anything wrong?" He sounded genuinely worried which made Stella blink.

'Why was he sounding like this? Hasn't he heard the news yet?' were the thoughts that were running through Stella's mind as she listened to him. She stylishly looked at Arya who gave her an 'Is everything ok' look but Stella just shook her head and turned her attention back to her phone.

"Not. Nothing is wrong babe, I'm fine" she stuttered, holding her breath really tight.

"Are you sure?" He asked softly and she nodded, her hands were shaking but she forced herself to keep a good composure.

"I'm fine" 

"Okay babe, just call to know if you've arrived at your workplace safely" he said sweetly, making her smile.

This is her overprotective boyfriend of hers. "Hm, I just arrived," she nodded.

"That's a relief, so I called to let you know that I'm taking you out for lunch today, it's been quite a while since we last ate lunch together" he said and she nodded in agreement.

"Hm, that's right," she replied.

"Cool, so I'll pick you up around three," he smiled and she nodded again, making her 'Hmm' sound.

"Alright then, bye babe. Kisses" he replied.

"Kisses" she replied and hung up. 

The moment she hanged up, she threw her phone on the table and slumped on her sit then blocked her face with her palms, thinking about what she was going to do now, she can't handle this guilt anymore, I mean this is the first time she's keeping something like this from her boyfriend. Maybe it would have been better if she had just told him this yesterday night, even though he'll be mad but they would still be fine today, either in the after or in the evening but now if he finds out then he will be so mad. Thinking of these just made her tug her lips between her teeth so hard. Just why!? Why didn't she tell him about this last night!Stella could do nothing other than blame herself at this point.

She felt the chair move and she looked up to see Arya sitting beside her already, "You can just tell him during lunch, as long as you'll use your mouth to tell him first then he won't be too mad" she said. She didn't need to ask Stella what Charles had told her because from the facial expression alone, she could tell that Charles hadn't found out yet.

"Will it work?" Stella asked slowly.

"Hmm, there's nothing more better than honestly" Arya replied with an assuring smile and Stella hugged her immediately.

"I'll tell him during lunch and I'll get it off my chest" she said.


Just by looking at the lavish office alone, one must be wondering how many floors the building was made off. Looking deeper into the office situated on the 48th floor of the building sat a man on the president's chair. The sound that could be heard at that moment was the clicking of the mouse as it was being moved all over the keyboard the man seated on the president's chair. It looks as though he was going through something important, judging from the facial expression as he went through whatever he was looking at through his laptop screen.

A soft knock sounded, Interrupting him. Then the door opened and a young man who looked like he was in his late 20's and was also dressed in a neat suit stepped in. He walked over to the man sitting on the president's chair then stopped at his front before speaking.

"Boss, you called for me"

The man seated on the president's chair just let out a 'Hmm' and closed his laptop, he was still facing down as he looked somewhat displeased. Just thinking out what happened that night kept pissing him off. Just who was that girl and who the hell does she think she is? How dare she humiliate him like that!He banged his fist on his desk as he began rumbling slowly.

"I am Davis McClure, I get everything I want, however I want and whenever I want with just the snap of my fingers" He said darkly before looking up at the man who was dressed in a perfectly ironed and neat ironed suit and was standing at the front of him. "I want you to find out everything about her, her name, her workplace, her locations, her family, her background,her status, every damn thing I need to know" he ordered.

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Annalisa Willemse
mmm , something big is gonna happen. I can tell Davis is very big shot. he is not going to leave i t like that

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