I did it for my brother

It was already three o clock and as promised, a car stopped at the front of the bar. It opened and Charles stepped down from it with both hands in his pocket. He had promised to take his girlfriend out for lunch and he is not going to miss it for anything.

When Charles stepped foot inside, he noticed how everyone began looking at him and murmuring but he just decided to ignore them. His eyes searched around for his girlfriend and he saw her standing at the counter and having a chat with Arya. A smile appeared on his face and he began moving closer to her.

"Stella your boyfriend is here" Arya whispered to Stella and Stella immediately spranged up. 

She turned to her side to see Charles waving at her and she smiled at him. Damn, he was so early and she hasn't even finished packing her bags yet, seems like he misses her a lot and couldn't wait to have lunch with her.

"Babe you're really early" she pouted.

"Didn't we agreed three o clock?" He asked casually causing Stella to blink.

Yes they agreed three o clock but who would have thought that he would come the moment the long hand touches twelve and the short hand touches three. Shaking her head Stella just took her bag that was already placed on the counter, "Nevermind babe, I was ready anyways let's go" she said.

Charles smiled and offered her his hands which she accepted happily. One their out,  Stella's phone which was on her free hands buzzed and checking it, she saw that it was a message from Arya which says:

*Don't forget to tell him during lunch*

"Babe anything wrong?" Stella heard Charles ask and she shook her head, replying to him with a simple "nothing".

She stylishly turned back to look at Arya who just flashed her a smile and a good-luck sign with her fingers. Stella smiled back before facing front as she completely left with Charles.

At a five star restaurant, Charles and Stella stepped in hand in hand and just like earlier, people were looking at the both of them, precisely Stella, murmuring and were even pointing fingers at her.

"What's going on babe, I noticed the people talking like this when I got to the bar and now. Did anything happen?" Charles asked and Stella shook her head.

"No nothing happened, let's eat I'm starving" she pulled him towards an empty table and they both sat down

Grabbing the menu book, Stella said. "How about we order some of those Philippines chicken inasal, it's been long since we've had some of those"

"Okay babe if that's what you want then, how about we take it with some orange juice?" He asked and she smiled as she nodded in agreement.

Both Stella and Charles placed their orders and in the next twenty minutes the waitress brought it to them.

"Smells good don't you think" Stella said with a smile and Charles stretched his hands forward to pinch her cheeks.

"I can see how hungry you are through your eyes, come on go ahead and start eating" he chuckled.

"You're right I'm hungry" Stella took her cutleries and began cutting a piece of chicken to eat.

Charles took his cutleries and was about to eat when his phone made a silent vibration. He dropped his cutleries back down and searched his pocket for his phone, when he opened it, what he saw made his eyes widened.

At the same time Stella kept playing with her food, palpitating on whether she should tell him or not and after much thinking, she finally decided to tell him about last night.

"Babe" the both of them called at once and Stella smiled.

"You can talk first," she said.

That was a really big mistake Stella had made because Charles stretched his phone closer to her face. "Explain this!" He said, looking displeased.

It felt like a bucket of iced water had been poured on Stella's body because here he was showing her the picture of her and Davis' incident when she just wanted to tell him about it.

"I can..explain.." she stuttered.

"Well go ahead, I'm waiting" he glared.

Stella shut her eyes tight and opened them back before telling him that she had gone to the night shift yesterday.

"What!?" Charles nearly screamed as he stood up. Stella stood up too and the people around them began turning to look.

"You went to the night shift last night?" He asked with an unbelievable look on his face.

"I did it for my brother," she replied in a guilty tone.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"My brother was chased out of school yesterday because of incomplete school fees then I did it just so I could raise some money for him" she sniffed.

"You needed money for your brother and you couldn't even ask me?" He sounded disappointed.

I mean who won't be disappointed. Put yourself in his shoes and imagine that your girlfriend needed a bit of financial support but couldn't even come to you, as her boyfriend what do that tell you? Or how do that make you feel? This was how Charles was feeling right now.

"Babe I'm sorry" Stella bit her lip hard to stop her tears, knowing that she had wronged him already.

"No Stella, sorry can't fix everything because I'm not okay, you needed help but you couldn't even ask me instead you had gone ahead to do the dangerous night shift, what if something had happened to you?" He asked and Stella could only just look down in disappointment.

He continued.

"If I'm not wrong that man had touched you causing you to hit him right?" He asked.


He cut her off again, "Tell me Stella, am I that horrible?Are you so scared of me that you can't even ask me for support?" He asked hurtfully.

"It's not like that Charles it's just that...

Stella didn't even get to complete what she wanted to say when Charles had left the restaurant.

"Charles" ran after him but he had already entered his car and drove off.

Stella bent on the floor and covered her face with her palms, crying silently. If she had known then she would have told him about this yesterday night but she didn't and now he is mad at her. This time she knew that she was the one to be blamed for real, just why didn't she tell him, what have you done Stella!! What the hell have you done? She cursed herself inwardly as she cried silently.

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