Award for the most stubborn woman

The next morning the same annoying sound of the alarm clock woke Stella up again, she groaned and sat straight. A new day without Charles, how boring would it be? Sighing she dragged herself up from bed, deciding to shower and to do her usual morning routine which was showering then making breakfast for her brother but before that, how about she try calling Charles again, maybe he might finally agree to pick and talk to her.

Stella walked up to her phone that was on the small table beside her bed and picked it. The moment she twitched it on, the name and picture Charles appeared on her home screen. Of course last night, Stella had tried calling Charles but he didn't pick despite his phone ringing over and over. She even sent him lots of text messages but he still didn't bother to reply despite seeing them and she could tell that he was really angry at her.

Ofcourse Charles wasn't happy since yesterday the moment he saw the news. The fact that his girlfriend couldn't tell him that she
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JANIEL Mongroo
Idiot why can’t she just find another job

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