Is it by force to say I love you ?

Stella could only just chuckle at what her brother just said, she hit his back lightly but that didn't make him let go of her.

"Krm krm.."

The sound of a familiar person clearing her throat sounded and Stella disengaged from the hug with Jace. She straightened up to see Hannah smiling at them and she brushed some strands of her hair behind hers fondly.

"What are my babies so happy about that they are hugging, isn't this a very rare and sweet scene" Hannah said in a teasing manner.

Jace stepped away from Stella and straightened up before murmuring. "Mom, your daughter is such a stubborn young woman" he murmured with a dry eye roll.

"Oh really" Hannah narrowed her eyes before placing her gaze on Stella. "What did this stubborn girl of mine do this time?" She asked with a knowing motherly scolding tone.

Hannah was ready to scold her daughter again because she herself knows how stubborn this girl of hers is but she failed to notice how Stella kept cutting her eyes for Jace repeatedly
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