Don't touch me, I beg of you

Earlier when Davis received the text message from Landon, a low smile formed on his lips. When he told Landon that he wanted that girl, he knew that Landon would be able to do his job well. When Stella passed out, Arya had called Landon to come pick Stella up and Landon had sent some men to take her to one of the VIP rooms and inform David about it and they did as told.

When Davis got there, he met Stella sleeping and he hired some women to take off her clothes then chain her hands and her legs apart from each other because he was going to make her pay for embarrassing and almost putting his company at risk.

The female workers did as they were told, they took off Stella's clothes leaving her with just a bra and panties then informed Davis. Davis smiled as he went in, initially his plans were to tease her and scare the hell outta her, he would tease her till the extent that she would beg him to touch her but he won't touch her. Since she wanted to act so coy then he'll make her pay but
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