A starved beast

Pains were all what Stella was feeling right now as Davis' finger kept moving in and out of her violently. He didn't know that this was her first time so he kept fingering her like the way he to finger those shameless whore he had once bedded.

"Please stop what you're doing I beg of you" tears came out of Stella's eyes. It felt so painful but Arya had done a lot of these and she did tell her that it's very enjoyable but how come she's feeling the opposite of what her best friend had told her.

Stella didn't know that, the more she cries, the more Davis goes rougher and in no time he has torn her panties out already and replaced his one finger with his two fingers. Stella's eyes widened and she screamed a lot louder in pain.

Davis was too fascinated to even hear the pains in her voice, maybe it was because of the drugs or so because all he could hear was a delicious scream that only just made his desire grow more stronger.

"Yeah, that's right.. I love the way you scream so scream mor
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