Why are you stopping me from fantasizing about our future?

Stella was done bandaging his face. "All done, let me go return all this.." she didn't even get to complete what she was saying when Davis suddenly grabbed her and pulled her to sit on top of him, he made her sit in a position where she was straddling him. Stella gasped when she felt herself sitting on something hard, her cheeks burnt hot pink as she stared at his face.

"What...are you doing?" She stuttered as she asked.

"Damn! How do you manage to just turn me on with every little thing you do?" He asked and Stella kept staring at him.

His hands went from her waist and trailed downwards to her butt which made her gasp. "Davis, your hands' ' she put her hands on his, she wanted to take his hands out but he pressed her butt hard against his groin.

The electricity that sparked through what he just did, affected Stella because her hands went from trying to pull his hands away from her to gripping on his muscular forearm.

"Davis you... Ahh" she whimpered when he just pressed her against h
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