Why is mummy wearing daddy's shirt?

"Why are you stopping me from fantasizing about our future? I wanna have a future with you Stella" he said in a serious tone.

Stella slowly turned back to look at his face and there was no sign of play or jokes in his eyes, he looked dead serious. She smiled and faced him completely then pecked his lips.

"What did you just do?" He asked and she pecked his lips again.

"Do it again" he smiled and she pecked his lips again but this time he held her more closer and deepened the kiss, pushing his long into her mouth, gently yet roughly.

When Stella sensed that it was getting too deep, she placed her hands on her chest and pushed him back slightly. "Let's not go too far, the kids might be back from school anytime soon" she whispered to him.

Davis stared at her face for a while and still brought his face to kiss her but Stella blocked his mouth with her palms. "Stop being playful, the kids might come in at any time and I'm hungry, remember?" She tried convincing him to stop and it did work.

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