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Time passed and it was already evening, the kids were watching TV in the living room while Stella was busy going through her cook book when her phone began ringing.

She sighed and grabbed it then looked at the caller, it is Brenna and she wants a video call.

Stella picked and Brenna's face popped into the screen immediately, she was putting on her light pink night robe with a face mask. "How is wifey doing?" She asked as she arranged the remaining side of the face mask on her face. "So comfortable!" She let out a low sigh.

Stella just rolled her eyes and replied with. "First of all, everything's fine and it's Stella not wifey"

"Whatever" Brenna muttered and straightened up. "So.. how's Mr CEO treating you lately, are you two still having issues or are you now fine?" Brenna asked and when Stella wanted to reply,she Interrupted. "I don't really get you bestie! How can you be having issues with Davis McClure, one of the hottest and richest men alive, are you telling me that you've never
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Wish we could get more than two chapters a day

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