It almost fell on you

Davis smiled and looked at Stella. "If that's so then daddy has another fun place to take all of you too" he smiled and the kids face brightened up.

"Really??" They both asked and Davis nodded with a smile. Stella looked at him and smiled too, she loved the fact that he always knows how to surprise the kids without stress.

"My queen, have you packed the amount of snacks we'll be needing because we will be going to a lot of places?" He faced Stella and asked.

Stella was already palpitating within excitement, her face alone could even show how happy she was. Seeing this reaction from her face and the kids' face, Davis felt really enlightened.

"I've packed a lot of snacks, where are we going?" She asked and Davis moved closer to her. "A lot of places but for now, let's visit the amusement park" he replied.

"Amusement park!??" The kids jumped in excitement, they had heard so much about that place but they didn't remember to ask their daddy to go there with them but since their father brou
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