Mummy do I look like daddy right now?

"Isn't it obvious?" He repiled with sarcasms in his voice and Stella creased her brows. "I don't think I'm getting along with what you're thinking" she replied and Davis sighed.

"You're going to look sexy in your swimsuit and there are a lot of men here. I don't want their eyes to start hawking at what is mine" he complained.

Stella looked left and wrote before facing him with a smile. "You're so adorable!!" She pinched his cheeks.

"I'm not" he pouted childishly and Stella found it hard to believe that a man like Davis will have this kind of side in him. "No one is going to be looking at me, everyone will be looking at their partners," she assured him.

"But still nothing will change the fact that some men are perverts! They won't be able to keep their eyes in one place when they see sexy women" Stella frowned at what Davis just said.

When Davis noticed her frowning, he hurriedly asked. "What's wrong?"

"You dare ask me that!" Stella frowned even more and faced the twins who were still
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I think the book is good, but the author needs to give more frequent updates with more than two chapters a day! They coming at wired times as well!

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