Big fish

They both- Stella and Davis, came back to earth the moment they heard what Mason asked.

He asked with a cute and innocent face. "Mummy do I look like daddy right now?"

Davis and Stella: "...."

"Mummy said I will look more handsome than daddy because we are both boys, so if daddy is looking like this then I look more handsome! I look like a handsome superman" Mason gushed and Madison gazed at him, feeling jealous.

Davis smiled and looked at Stella who was still giving Mason a confused look. "You said all that to him?" He asked and added, "You told him that I'm a boy?" One of his brows raised up when he asked that part.

"What!??" Stella laughed and shook her head, unable to believe that, that was the only part he heard. "You're so damn! Let's go" she shook her head and began leaving to reach out to the kids.

Davis stared at her back side as she walked. Unlike three years ago, her hips have grown wider, her ass is bigger, while looking at it, he couldn't resist the urge to slap them and
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