Davis gets naughty with Stella

The moment she did that, she screamed out and threw the box away. It was a dead scorpion- a giant on per say. And it had a letter on the sharp claws. Stephanie was breathing heavily as she dragged the letter out of it then hurriedly opened it.

( I hope you love the present old witch! This is just a warning, you don't wanna know what I will do to you next time. Stay away from me, my wife and my kids ).

Stephanie couldn't believe her eyes when she saw this. No one needed to tell her that it was Davis that sent her those messages, Davis that bastard!

"Anita!!" Stephanie yelled and the girl that came to give her the carton rushed in immediately.

"Yes ma'am"

Stephanie moved closer to her and slapped her head. The girl gasped, not knowing what she had done wrong.

"How dare you try to kill me, how dare you!!" Stephanie grabbed the girl's hair and began pulling while the girl cried for mercy even though she didn't know her offense.

To Stephanie, she needed someone to take out her anger on and
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Dear, the writing is good ! Can you please give us more than two chapters a day!

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