Kissing and touching

On listening to what he said, Stella felt her middle was starting to ache. What was happening to her or was this the wetness he was talking about? She tried pushing him away from her but he didn't bulge, he kept staring deep into her eyes. He could see it, he could see the amount of lust flashing through them.

"Look at me and lie to my face that you aren't wet right now?" He asked in a slow tone and Stella couldn't bring her face up to look at him.

She couldn't lie, she was damn wet right now, her middle was aching really bad like she needed to be touched there and looking at his face now might increase those needs.

Davis brought his hands up to her face and raised her chin up so she could face him. "Tell me Stella, what do you want me to do to you?" He asked, looking at her face and studying it closely for any reaction.

Stella held his gaze for a while before bringing her gaze down to his lips, looking at his wet thin lips right now, she suddenly wanted them to be matched on hers, s
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