"That's enough Charles! You've done enough already" Stella yelled out in tears and rushed over to separate them from each other.

"She's protecting me because she still loves me, she doesn't want you to hurt me, her heart is aching is really bad" Charles added and Davis wanted to hit him again but Stella held his hands immediately.

"Charles, that's enough! What the hell's your problem huh!? I told you that we can't turn back to the way we were before so why are you taking things too far!!" She yelled straight to his face.

"Is it so hard to be with the woman I love? It's so unfair Stella. This was not how we planned our future Stella, haven't you always told me that you needed it to be peaceful? What's happening now Stella? Why are you with another man?" He asked with tears.

Davis clenched his fist tight and stood up then grabbed Stella by the forearm. "Let's go" he said and without waiting for her reply, he began taking her to the car.

Stella had no choice than to just follow him, she
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Chasin Wangsu
I love the book very much but it's getting boring because of late updates
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Can you please write more than one and two chapters. I took over 48 hours for one chapters. The book is really good, but it’s taking to long for updates! Longer chapters along with updates

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