Jace explains to Davis

Currently she was cutting some tomatoes when she accidentally cut her hands. "Ouch!" She winced and AJ ran to her immediately.

"You cut yourself, OMG!! Someone get the first aid kit" he yelled then began blowing air on Stella's finger.

Stella was about to say something when a little knock sounded on the kitchen door and without waiting for a reply, it opened and Jace stepped in with an apology smile on his face.

Stella frowned at him immediately. "You dare show up here," she said angrily.

"Sis I'm sorry" he muttered with a guilty look.

"I don't need your apology Jace, you've done what you've done so leave" she pointed at the exit.

AJ who was behind her looked at Jessica who had a confused look on her face too. "Seems like the boss is angry with her brother" AJ muttered and Jessica shrugged.

"Please sis don't be mad at me, I'll be leaving today" Jace continued to plead with Stella. "I really didn't mean to set you up like, I was over pressurized by my friend so I had no choice" he pout
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What????always short chapter.

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