Stella is calling!

"Charles?" Stella called like she couldn't believe her eyes. Charles was standing in front of her with a smile on his face. Was he the one who did all these?

"Hello my first love" Charles waved with the same evil smile dancing around his face.

"Were you behind all these?" Stella asked in a slow tone and instead of replying, Charles just smiled.

Stella clenched her jaw tight and looked around. "Where are my kids, where did you take them too you bastard!?" She yelled out angrily.

"Relax Stella, your kids are safe, I wouldn't hurt them, I wouldn't hurt my kids" his reply enraged Stella even more.

"Charles I don't know what's going on but I think you're crazy! If you're doing this so I'd get back together with you then you're wasting your time! I love Davis!!" She screamed.

Charles angrily moved to her and grabbed her jaw. "You love who? Say that again!! Who do you love!?" He squeezed on her jaw tightly as he yelled to her face.

"I said I love Davis, I love Davis I love-"

Stella didn't ge
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Maléne De Lange
Hey Author how many chapters are left before Davis and his family is finding happiness....
goodnovel comment avatar
This part was too damn phony! Ethan don’t know nothing about his wife. The building wasn’t surround or nothing ? She got away too damn easy! Everything should had been block!

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