Charles's doom

Davis drove alone to the location that was been sent to him. When he came down there were some masked men waiting for him. "Take me straight to my wife and kids, I want to see them," he said angrily.

"Hope you came alone" one of them asked and Davis nodded, they looked at themselves before taking him in.

When Davis got inside the building, he was told to wait outside first by a guard who went in and whispered something in Charles' ears. Charles laughed out and Stella stared at him in full alert.

"You better not do anything to Davis you punk, if anything happens to him then I swear it that you'd hear it from me!" She threatened not caring of how she would be able to make him pay.

Charles just laughed and went to stand behind her. "We'll see" he whispered in her ears before bringing out his gun and pointing it at her head. "Let him in" he ordered and his guards went out.

Few seconds later, Davis rushed in with them, his eyes widened to see Stella but he couldn't move closer to her beca
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