Before the doctor discharged Davis, Stella told him about her pregnancy. Davis was really happy, if he wasn't lying on a hospital bed then he could have lifted her up and swayed her around like a baby and he was even more happier with the thought of getting to be there for her at times like this, she's just two month pregnant,her tummy is still flat and he feels happy because he's going to experience her tummy growth- the baby growth.

Currently, the family of four were sitting on the couch and watching a movie together, Davis kept rubbing on Stella's tummy throughout.

"Daddy, why are you touching mummy's stomach?" Madison, who hasn't been able to keep her eyes off what her daddy is doing, decided to ask.

Stella chuckled and raised her head to look at Davis. Her eyes were asking if it was okay to tell them and Davis nodded. Stella stopped resting on Davis and sat straight. "Maddy, Mason, do you guys want to have a sibling?" She asked with a small smile.

"Yes!!" They shouted immediately
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Maléne De Lange
Thank you Author for the good story and the ending was worth it....
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I’m glad it ended the way it did, and it wasn’t a drawn out story! Thank you! I enjoyed it

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