Special thank you

Finally we have come to see the ending of Twins for the ruthless CEO, and I really can't believe I made it this far. This is literally the longest chapter, book and word count I've written in my entire life as a writer and I feel really proud of myself right now.

I'm using this medium to say thank you for everything, I know we were little but we all cooperated together and I never thought I'll be able to push this book this far, each time I wake up to see your vote, I feel so blessed, every single gems of yours count, it really do make my day.

For those of you that find the time to drop a review, especially the lengthy ones, thank you so much, it really made me smile, it gave me a lot of power to just write, write and write!

For those of you that spent money on this book from the beginning to the ending, y'all are too much, thank you so much! Thank you for finding this book interesting and sticking with it till the ending, I wouldn't have made it this far without any of your support.

For those of you that took time to follow me, thank you so much! It makes me really glad to see some people that love my work .

This is my first book in a good novel, I never thought I'll get any contract here or support and it's all thanks to my assistant editor, Ava Smith and senior editor Vera Zaytseva, that supported me throughout my stay here.

Once again, I'm throwing a big thank you to everyone of you, thank you and I love y'all so much, until we meet again.

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