Chapter 4

Everlee stared through the window of the carriage nervously. She wished badly; she didn’t accept to have lunch with Mr. Fredrick this evening. She should have been on the first train to Greenfield, but that was another issue bothering her. Leaving home without Mr. and Mrs. Poppy's knowledge after they had taken her in and raised her as their own when her mom had passed away, she felt so bad for disappointing them. She knew returning home today will not be easy facing any of them. She feared they will never forgive her, and she'll return to New York lonely, no longer having them within her life. Everlee wanted to regret what she did to them, but she couldn't. Leaving home to NY was the best thing she had done. If she never did, she would never be who she was today, an art teacher, an independent and ambitious lady. She just hoped they will forgive her that's if she does take the last and second train to Greenfield.

Going out on a lunch date with Mr. Fredrick was a way for her to cancel
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Kind of sad that she will go after friends husband that is helping her and keeping in touch .. sad :(

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