[Leah’s POV]

"Don’t touch her!"

The loud voice booms around the bustling pub, causing silence to fall entirely. Even the thugs that had been making their way towards me only moments before stopped and turned to face whoever it was that spoke.

As I watched, a tall man with blazing red hair and dark eyes began to make his way towards me. Who the hell was he and why was he getting himself involved in this?

"Shit!" Ian hissed from beside me, causing me to look towards him. "What the fuck is that bastard doing here?"

"Who is he?" I whispered, keeping my gaze fixed on the man as he quickly closed the space between us.

"Let me answer that." He chuckled, holding up his hands. "Shall we chat over a drink?"

"Sure." Ian responded before I could decline. "Let me grab us some beers."

"Ian," I hissed, trying to determine what the fuck was going on. "What are you doing? This guy is the enemy. "

"Leah, I suggest you just go along with whatever he wants." Ian responded, giving the man an apologetic lo
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