Attack On The Pack

[Leah’s POV]

I move quickly through the dark streets of town with Ian following closely behind me. Though I had insisted that he didn’t need to come along, he refused to leave my side, nsisting that I still wasn’t sober enough to take on such a task. And even though I wanted to argue with his reasoning, I couldn’t since the world around me was still spinning ever so slightly.

When we finally arrived at our destination, we found that the pack grounds were alive with action, and Ashton was the center of it.

"Uh oh," Ian murmured beside me. "Looks like he’s ready to kill someone."

"You don’t say." I hissed. "What in the world is going on here?"

Surging forward, I make a beeline for where my brother-in-law is standing and begin to shove my way through the sea of bodies surrounding him. Curses and growls escape those that I manage to move, while elbows and hands hit me by those who won’t. However, I continue to make my way through until I finally reach Ashton.

"Ashton!" I hissed, reaching
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