[Asher's POV]

"Let me go!" I growled, grabbing Ashton's hand. "Leah is still in there!"

As I fought, I could feel a primal, animalistic need growing within me. It was dark, and I knew if I gave in, I would be taking another step towards the path I was trying so desperately to avoid. However, my mate was in danger, and there was no fucking way I was going to just give up that easily.


A wall of light exploded from me as the words left my lips, sending Ashton stumbling backwards with a look of shock in his eyes.

"What the hell?" He growled, but I was already turning my attention to the rubble in front of me that used to be a home.

"Stay back." I hissed, hoping that Ashton wouldn’t question me. "Don’t come any fucking closer."

Focusing on my newfound energy, I braced myself as I lifted my hands and sent a blast of air crashing towards the debris. In an instant, the broken planks and insulation lifted into the air, leaving the area they once laid completely bare. And sitting in t
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Rita Byrne
I think it's that douche canoe, Kelvin.

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