Her Secret

[Leah's POV]

"You stay here!" Thia warned before jumping out of the car. "Send Theo a message about watching Arabia."

"But I can fight!" I argued, feeling anger roll through me. "I'm not helpless!"

"Best to listen, Leah." Ian murmured.

I opened my mouth to argue but stopped as the screech of metal being twisted filled the car. Within seconds, the roof of the car was pulled off and the beast that attacked us was reaching towards me.

"Don't you fucking touch her!" Thia snarled, shifting into her lycan form.

"Run!" Ian ordered, joining Thia in the fight. "Send that message and wait for us to kill this beast."

The urge to argue rushed through me, but I simply nodded. I would listen to this once. We didn't have time to spend on this creature. Chloe needed us.

I quickly scrambled out of the car and rolled onto the road beyond as Thia and Ian attacked.

'Theo!' I called, reaching out to him. 'Theo!'

'Leah?' Theo's anxious voice responded.

I could easily feel a wave of relief through our lin
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