[Chloe's POV]

I didn't speak as Leah led me down the dark street towards where she insisted Thia and Ian waited. Though the place where her fingers squeezed hurt, I didn't say a word. The inner turmoil she was facing radiated from her and flowed into me.

"Leah," I tried after a couple more minutes. "Can I ask you something?"

"Depends." Leah responded.


"If it has to do with Asher."

Busted…My question did have to do with Asher.

"Why haven't you told him about Arabia?" I asked, unable to stop my words. "He is just as much her parent as you are."

Arabia came as a shock to everyone. Especially when Leah revealed that Asher was her mate and Arabia's father. None of us saw that coming, but here we were. However, since that day, she never once mentioned Asher or why he wasn't around.

But now, he was back, and Leah was refusing to even tell him about Arabia. Something was definitely off.

"This isn't anything a thirteen-year old should be concerned with." Leah sighed. "Just worry about y
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Jennifer Irwin Staggs Hammons
So he just left his mother on the couch?!

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