Outing With The Twins

[Leah’s POV]

I woke the next day to the sound of Thia and Ashton already moving around downstairs. Letting out a sigh, I sat up and looked over to where Arabia was still sleeping peacefully in her basinet. How I wished that she forever remained that peaceful and oblivious to the darkness that was currently surrounding us.

Almost as if Arabia noticed me watching her, she began to wake up and become restless.

"Mommy’s coming, sweet girl." I smiled, getting out of bed. "I’m sure you’re starving."

Reaching out, I scooped Arabia into my arms and plopped back on my bed. Since she was still so young, I was continuing to breastfeed, so I at least didn’t have to go downstairs to make a bottle and face Ashton or Thia just yet.

After quickly changing her diaper, I lifted my shirt and waited for a latch. Only after I was sure Arabia was nursing did I close my eyes and begin to drift.

Images of Asher and that woman flashed across my eyes, causing pain to radiate through me. Who was she and wh
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Kayla Acosta
I’m going to kill Kevin !!!!!

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