Fighting Through The Pain

[Leah’s POV]

"You’re Asher." I insisted. There was no way that I could mistake the sensations I was feeling from where we touched.

"Who?" The man asked in confusion.

"Leah," Ian murmured, giving my body a slight tug. "That isn’t Asher."

Frowning, I continued to take in the man. The eyes that met mine were the exact same color as his, as were the facial features that surrounded them. I mean, sure, there weren’t any burn scars and no mask, but this could be how Asher looked before the accident.

"I’m sorry," the man said gently, grabbing my hand and beginning to pry it off. "I’m not the person you’re searching for."


Stepping back, I felt my pain shoot through my heart. He wasn’t him; he wasn’t. My Asher was gone. He lost his battle to the darkness, and it was all my fault.

"Come on, Leah." Ian whispered as I continued to stare.


Despite wanting to stay with the man that reminded me so much of my mate, I allowed Ian to begin to lead me away. Maybe after some rest, my hea
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