[Leah’s POV]

I kept my gaze fixed on Asher as I continued to touch Ian. Despite the indifference that remained in his features, I could see the jealousy burning in his eyes. Good. This meant that even when the darkness had taken over, he still felt the bond between us. That meant there was a chance I could somehow trigger his other self, and no matter how small that chance was, I was going to take it.

"What are you doing?" Ian hissed, quickly realizing that I was up to something. "Are you trying to set off the angry demon?"

"Whatever it is." Kelvin called, easily hearing his words. "It won’t do any good. Your precious Asher is gone, and there is no way to bring him back. "

"So you say." I growled. If there was a shot at getting Asher back, I was willing to take it. It was simply a matter of how far to push.

Letting a slow smile spread across my face, I moved on from Ian and began to touch Craig’s neck and then his face. In the past, Asher had slipped from his act of being cold and pus
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