Her Final Sacrifice

[Leah’s POV]

"Stop it!" I shrieked, shoving Selene aside. "You’re hurting him!"

Behind me, I could hear the yells of my comrades, but I wasn’t about to stop now. Sucking in a breath, I lifted my fingers and began to wipe the blood from Asher’s injuries.

"Why did you let her do this?" I murmured, feeling my heart break. "Why?"

"Because he is mine to do what I want." Selene offered in amusement.

"He isn’t a thing to be kept!" I snapped. "He is a human being!"

At my words, Kelvin and Selene burst into laughter, causing a chill to race down my spine at how vile and evil it sounded.

"Asher dear," Selene cooed, pressing herself against his arm. "Would you please do something about this pest."

Nodding, Asher reached out a hand and placed it against my throat. However, the minute his skin touched mine, an explosion of warm-soothing energy began to fill me.

"Asher," Selene snapped, realizing something was wrong. "Finish her!"

"Yes…" Asher hissed, as his eyebrows furrowed.

"If it will help you
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