[Asher’s POV]

A gasp escaped me as my eyes flew open. What was… lifting a hand, I touched my forehead to find it covered in sweat. Sitting up, I watched as a black comforter fell down my body, revealing perfectly smooth skin.

"My scars..." I murmured as my memories of everything that happened up to this point crashed into my head. "Sssss."


Trying to regain focus, I held my breath as I slowly looked over beside me to find Leah staring up at me in confusion. As our eyes met, a small smile played across her lips, sending my heart beating a mile a minute.

"Are you okay?" she yawned, slowly sitting up and touching my cheek. "You’re covered in sweat. Did you have a nightmare?"

"Nightmare," I repeated, remembering the moon goddess’ words about me being the only one to remember everything that happened before Selene was killed. "Y-yeah," I sighed, wiping sweat from my brow."I guess it was."


Leaning over, Leah rested her head against my shoulder and let out a contented sigh.

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Denise Holloway Barnett
Can’t wait for the next one!
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Rita Byrne
Awwww, I figured Asher wouldn't have his scars anymore, but it was still nice to read that. Kinda sad that he obviously missed some parts of this life, like meeting Leah and Arabia being born, but he still gets to be there. I'm excited for Chloe and Theo's stories. :)
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Emily Wolf
loved this book just as much as the first.... I love how your writing keeps me anticipating what's next.. I can't wait for theo and chloe's story.. thank you so much for sharing your amazing writing
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