Fated To The Mafia Alpha
Fated To The Mafia Alpha
Author: Edna Edson



Heart wrenching sobs tore from her throat as she laid on the cold ground, almost naked, shivering from both cold and fear. A fear that has become a part of her.

Her knee to her chest and hands wrapped around her, dried blood and deep injuries all over her body. The dress around her barely shielded her nakedness but she could care less.

All she could ever think of was death. Now she prayed for death to come take her, to come stop the torture and give her everlasting peace. She prayed for an end, for death, but it seemed everything now hated and deserted her.

Her body was hurting badly from so much torture. Every part of her body was hurting and bleeding badly due to torture and the pain of being used mercilessly.

Even her own screams of pain and agony echoed in her ears every single moment.

The familiar loud thud came, followed by the voice that made her want to crawl into the wall and disappear. "Stealer." His voice echoed throughout out the basement, followed by the loud scary thud of his footsteps that made her shiver in terror.

She wanted to crawl to the corner of the room like she always does and try hiding from him, even though he would find her, but her body was numb. Weak. The spot she laid on was covered with blood, her own blood.

At every corner of the room, there were bunches of wolfsbane, the scent making her weak and tired, wanting to die but death probably hates her just like he does.

When she heard the sound of his footsteps drawing nearer and she saw his foot at the top of the stairs, she hugged her body tighter, ignoring the pain smearing throughout her body as her heart kept clenching hard in pain and fear. Fear of being tortured by him. By her mate. By Alpha DEATH.

A small cry tore from her lips and a tear dropped from her eyes to the ground, a reminder echo of her painful screams rang in her ears. Now she muttered her usual prayer.

"Death please take me."

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