Chapter 2

"Stealer?" Alpha Damien said in a low voice.

"Yes, she is." Bella felt her heart sink as her stepmother replied. Oh god, why? Now, she better expect the worst.

Her heart skipped a beat when Alpha Damien turned to look at her menacingly with a giant scowl on his face, his green eyes turning red immediately, and in the flick of an eye, his hands rose as fast as lightning, to her neck, strangling her immediately.

Bella gasped, using both hands to hold his strong arm as he lifted her off the ground. "How dare you, you filthy stealer!" He growled, his fangs extending from his nail, piercing into her neck.

Bella gasped holding tightly to his hands as all air cut out of her lungs. She felt hot tears at the back of her eyes when his fangs plunged into her neck. "Please." She managed to speak as tears clouded her eyes, her body filled with terror. Terror at the thought that he might just kill her.

Unexpectedly, he threw her straight to the wall with full force, her body hitting hard against the stairs at a weird angle before she landed on the ground, her head smashing hard against the concrete floor.

Bella could barely let out a groan as she lay on the floor. There was excruciating pain all over her body. She could swear she heard a few sounds of her bones breaking. She let out a whimper as she saw him walking down the stairs slowly, like a predator.

She tried moving away but she could barely lift a finger as pains saturated her body. "Please." She whimpered as he stood close to her. 

The entire crowd was watching in silence, no one was saying anything. Not like they would, they all hated her. They must feel happy now, seeing it's her end. 

Hot tears ran down her eyes to the side of her face as she raised her hands slowly to her stomach, ignoring the unbearable pain running through her. "Please." She whimpered again and took her eyes around, looking through the crowd to find where her only hope lies. But he stood there staring down at her with an ounce of emotion on his face. He was going to watch, just like everyone else, as the unexpected happened to her. "Please." She whispered, knowing he was hearing her, but he refused to answer or even attempt to help her. To help her as a father should.

She yelped as she felt a strong hand hold her shirt, lifting her off the ground. She swallowed a heavy lump down her throat as she came face to face with an angry face with bright red eyes, sending death glares at her. She wiggled her legs as she tried to feel the ground beneath her. He must so be huge to lift her this way.

"Please." She pleaded, hoping he would listen and leave her. It was a tiny hope though. She knows he spares nobody.

When he dropped her to the ground, she heaved out a heavy breath, leaning on the ground with her right arm. She was sure her left arm was now fractured.

"You have a dungeon here?" Her heart sank into her stomach when she heard him ask.

"Yeah." Alpha Hezekiah replied, already knowing what he was going to say.

"Lock her up." He ordered in a deep cold voice and stared down at her before walking away, out of the pack house.

No, no, no, no, no, no… Bella shook her head as she sighted two guards walking toward her. No, she hates the dungeon. The dark creepy dirty dungeon. She's been there just once and she never imagined she'd ever go there.

"No, no please." She begged as she felt two strong hands wrapped around her arms, lifting her off the ground like she was some piece of paper. "No, please. Don't do this." She was being dragged by two guards and she has no single power to even try fighting them off. "Dad! Dad!" She cried, turning to stare at him with pleading eyes. He wasn't even looking at her. "Dad please!!" He wouldn't even budge. He doesn't care about her. Not even one bit. And the witch stood at the side of the podium with a sly smile on her face, obviously feeling accomplished. 

Now she knows not what to expect. Well, she hopes he doesn't kill her.

Bella woke up groaning as she felt severe pains in her arms and waist. She let out a small cry as she tried to sit up on the ground, resting her back on the wall.

The events of yesterday came flashing in her head, making her let out a deep sigh.

After she was brought and locked in the dungeon, they continued the ceremony without her. No one cared. No one cared she was in the dungeon. No one cares she was probably going to be killed. Not even her family.

She was of no importance to the pack. Hell! She was even a taboo that should have been killed a long time ago. Her father never fails to sing that to her ears every time.

He never fails to sing all her misfortunes to her ears.

She took in a deep heavy breath, trying to stop the tears that were slowly forming in her eyes. Her eyes were hurting badly and must be red from crying too much last night. She was crying from both fear and the umpteenth betrayal of her father. Well, her father not trying to help her yesterday was a betrayal to her.

He wouldn't even come see her. Even when the ceremony was over, he did not bother to come check up on her.

Now, it's funny and kinda stupid how she wished he'd come see her today. She needed someone to walk in and comfort her, tell her everything would be fine. Even though it was a lie, she needed someone to say it. 

She looked up quickly when she heard movements coming closer to the dungeon. There was a tiny glint of hope in her eyes when she sighted her father, standing at the gate with some guards beside her. A small frown crept up her face when she sighted her stepmother behind him. 

Her curiosity peaked when the guard began unlocking the gates, pushing them open.

Without waiting for any instruction, she slowly stood to her feet, swallowing a groan that threatened to tear out of her lips as she felt excruciating pain around her.

Without any words said among them, she was led out of the dungeon, her father walking behind her in silence.

She was taken to a room where she had her bath in a tub with the help or maybe she should say the service of some maids who did well in pulling her hair at every instance. They demonstrated their hatred for her by pulling her hair hard while washing it.

After that, they dried her hair and dressed her up in a white floral gown. Though she was quite uncomfortable having someone bathe and dress her up and these maids weren't smiling at all. When they were done, she was greeted by a doctor who helped with some injuries she had last night, especially with the broken arm. Most times she gets jealous when she sees other wolves heal very fast after sustaining injuries, but her case was different. Being a stealer was really tiring, she has no powers, and she can't heal very fast like other wolves. Even her wolf was an enemy to her, and she has learned really hard from the people around her to never let her wolf out, or else something very unexpected will happen and she'll finally have to be executed.

Till date, she does not understand what they meant. But for the past five years, her life has been guided by rules. Rules which she must obey if she wants to keep living.

The doctor left and she was alone to finally drown in her miserable thoughts, in the luxurious medium-sized bedroom which was very confusing. Why were they doing this?

What the hell is going on? Is this going to be her last bath?

Her absurd thoughts were cut off when the door went open and her father stepped in. He was the very person she wanted to see. Though he never liked her, at least they share the same blood. He was the only one she'd wish to see.

"What is going on?" She asked the one question that was on her mind.

He walked closer to her, pulling a chair beside the bed to sit on it. "We reached agreement with Alpha Damien."

"We? Who? Who's we?" She asked, knitting her brows in confusion.

"Alpha Hezekiah and I." Bella felt her heart skip a beat when he replied. There was definitely nothing good she would gain here. She knew it immediately. Whatever agreement they came up with, would be bad luck for her.

"What?.. what agreement?" She managed to ask, trying to swallow the lump already forming in her throat.

"He paid a nice price for a commodity that isn't worth it." Her heart sank when he said those few words, staring at her disdainfully. "We're giving you off to him."

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