Chapter 9

"You must've felt really good after what you did huh?" My brows rose automatically immediately he spoke. I'll just assume he has no idea how this also affected me. I don't feel good about killing people, I never will.

He scoffed and grabbed a chair and sat on it, directly facing me while I kept my head down. "I'm not gonna ask you why you did it, or why you tried to fucking runaway, I know what kind of a beast you are and trust me I know how to handle you."

First threat! A bell rang in my head immediately. Did I really think he was just going to forget about it so easily? Well, maybe I did because I thought he broke me enough. I tried not to think further of what he meant by handle me, I didn't want to imagine all the almost impossible things he'll do to me. But a voice whispered in my head telling me, 'my cruel fate' just began and I started it myself.

"Why don't we start this conversation by telling you stupid you were?" He sat back on his chair and folded his arms, his gaze fixed o
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