Chapter 27

Sweats mixed with blood dripped from my head down to the floor as I hung from the wall. On a futile attempt I tried to move my arms which were braced tightly to the wall. A small whimper escaped my lips when I realized nothing could be done and I couldn’t even save myself from this. I tried to reach out to my wolf but it was like she was long gone. She probably couldn’t take the torture.

Did I feel regret?


I have no idea which is a bigger torture between this, or letting does men have me. If I were ever going to escape from this place, I’d definitely want to have a little of my dignity. I don’t want to be looked upon as a worthless thing they all used freely.

The sound of the door opening made me cringe and let out a small groan. My head hurts badly after being bashed several times and every slightest disturbing sound causes it to hurt more.

I tried to look up, ignoring the cramp around my neck. A guard walked into the room straight to the table. I whimpered in pain and fear helple
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