Chapter 32

“But alpha,”

“Fuck it, Lucas, just do as I said,” I snapped, already getting pissed at his objections.

“Yes, alpha,” Lucas replied, giving a quick bow.

“Good, now leave.” I gave the last order waving his hands dismissively.

Though I knew I could save myself the stress of getting into trouble with Blake or worst starting a war by simply handing her over to him, I felt this strange possessiveness taking over me. I own her and no one can take her from me.

“David,” I called my gamma, David through mind-linking.

“Alpha.” His voice came through.

“Double security at the borders, we might expect an attack.”


Bella’s POV

I leaned against the cabinet, placing my hand on my chest as I let out repeated heavy breaths. Shit, I shouldn’t have thought about eavesdropping, now he caught me.

What was I thinking?!

Eavesdropping on an alpha’s conversation with his brother, it’s forbidden!

I grabbed my hair, pulling it tight as I let out a low groan, feeling disappointed in myself.

It never
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