Chapter 90

I closed my eyes and leaned back into the seat when the announcement of the preparation for the landing boomed from the speaker. Five years and I'm back in Russia, only this time around, I feel like a coward for running in the first place. The kids were quite excited for different reasons though, Marilee was happy she was going on a plane for the first time, and Taylor was happy she was away from school for a while. Heather showed no form of excitement, just staring outside the window before she asked the question that made my heart clench. "Are we going back to the pack now?" Her small tiny innocent voice came through.

"No, baby. Not yet." I replied, hiding my emotions with a smile on my face.

"I do not like Australia." She heaved out a tired sigh, shaking her head. I knew right from the start she never liked it, but chose not to complain about it.

"We'd talk about that later baby." I planted a small kiss on her forehead, wrapping my right arm around her shoulders, and pulling her
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omg I love this book. I can't wait for up datas. I've cried read this book.

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