Chapter 91

I looked back at Helen with shock all over my face, completely awed at the revealed. "How could you? I mean all this while?"

"I thought you might've felt it," Helen replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

"I always felt it, but I ignored it, I thought it was just you." Helen chuckled as I kept glancing between her and the workers.

"You know the first thing you should learn now is not to ignore every weird sign you see or feel. It's could mean a lot more." I nodded, understanding her point. If I'm going into a big fight now, even the littlest details or suspicion mean a lot.

"So, do you guys have a secret pack here also?"

"No, no. They're just..."

"We're rogues." The first guy spoke, cutting Helen off. "I'm Alexei." He stretched out his hands for a shake which I accepted immediately.

"Bella," I said with a smile on my face.

"We all know your name already." They all burst out laughing, making me feel hysterically stupid.

"Silly me." I chuckled, scratching my head in embarrassment.

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