Chapter 93

Returning to the Library, Helen insisted I take some rest and continue with the plan later. Knowing she was right and I was feeling quite weak already, I did as she said, retiring to bed since it was late evening already. She gave me a room that consisted of just a middle-sized bed and a small table at the corner of the room and a wardrobe of course; thankfully it had a bathroom in it. So I took a shower, changed into my nightwear, and decided to take some rest.

I clenched my fists, biting back a growl when I heard a knock on the door. Shit! I was just a few seconds away from drifting into sleep. Pushing the door I did not expect to see Jane standing outside, clutching a pillow to her chest.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” She asked in a timid voice, pressing her lips innocently. “Just for tonight.” She added, rushing her words.

“Jane?” I tried to hide the smile forming on my lips, turning my face to the side. “I’m fucking thirty, not a fourteen, sixteen years old kid.” I rolled my
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