Chapter 94

I tried to push all nervousness and doubts aside as I stood before the huge abandoned-looking laboratory. I see they did a pretty good job hiding from the authorities and the government. I walked around the building, tucking my hands into my coat's pockets. I was dressed in black shirt, black pants and brown coat with white sneakers, comfortable enough for me to run when I sighted the camera. I stopped, immediately I saw the first camera, moving closer to stare up at it. My lips curved into a smile when I saw the red tiny light and without waiting another second, I turned around, walking away in hurried footsteps. As soon as I was out of sight, I took to my heels, hidiny between tall buildings in the area.

"I'm done." I said, speaking through the mind link to Noah.

"We're watching the cameras, just stay where you are till we see the results."

"Okay," This was our plan, quite crazy though. Noah suggested we let the hunters come for us, that way we'd be better prepared. They would def
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