Chapter 95

I lunged at the guard closest to me, grabbed him by his neck, and twisted in the wrong direction; I heard a snap and his body went limp. Weak humans! I used his body as a shield for a few seconds as the other guards opened fire and as shooting wildly at me. Knowing it wasn’t going to last and dropped him and moved with speed to dodge those bullets, but I was shocked the most when it seemed the whole world stopped, I could see the bullets in the air, moving very slowly while I just stood watching. What the hell is happening? I looked down at my body to see those magical flames around me; it was on every part of my body, looking so soft. I guess this was what Helen meant by being gifted by the goddess with special powers. I felt really strong and it was like my fingertips were filled with electricity. Well, let’s put this to good use.

I held the bullets and the air and threw them back to the men, then everything turned back to normal and they fell to the ground dead. They must’ve called
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