Chapter 97

Bella's POV

It's been exactly eight weeks since that ugly incident happened. Eight weeks of reconstructing the whole pack, we moved them from the woods where they had been hiding back to the pack. Most parts of the pack were destroyed, especially the packhouse, but it was a chance to change a few of the settings of the packhouse.

We laid the dead to rest, using a few weeks to mourn them. It wasn't easy for Damien to get over the guilt of killing his best friend. Taylor was doing quite well now that she had her father, Helen was right. She would be the same if she were with me, she just needed someone very close to her. Heather was back with her parents Zoe and Tobias who were survivors of such long captivity.

Damien has been very close to Marilee who seemed to enjoy his company more than mine. It wasn't so hard to convince her that he was her father, she could feel the bond and gave in quickly, besides she had been waiting so long for her 'daddy'. They've grown closer more than I was
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