Eleven years later

Marilee's POV

Once again, I'm woken by the aggressive sound of my alarm ringing, I blindly reach to grab it and threw it across the room. The satisfied sound of it smashing against the wall makes me lie on the bed again, taking a deep breath.

"Marilee, what the hell was that?" I heard dad say as he walked into the room. "Marilee, that's the eighth alarm in just two weeks!" I don't reply to him but bury my face into the pillow, trying to fall asleep again. "Marilee!" Dad yelled again, pulling the duvet off my body. "That's it! Get up, you're going to be late for school!"

"Can I get just ten more minutes?" I mumbled, curling myself into a ball.

"No, get up now." He held my arm, pulling me from the bed. "Geez, you'll be sixteen in a few weeks do I have to keep doing this?"

"If only you'd let me make a choice here," I grumbled, frowning as he placed me on my feet.

"I hate school, yeah say that again. Marilee, you would be a future leader, you need to make the other kids
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