Chapter 9- Ryan

Have you ever felt like you met someone at the wrong time and that things would be perfect if you had met them earlier? That’s how I feel with Lacey. If I had more time with her before the apocalypse, maybe I would have found a way to bring her with me instead of gambling with her life. As much as I hate to admit it, she is right about that. At the time, it was the safer option which might sound crazy, but it’s true. I had no way to keep her safe then.

Perhaps if I had met her a few years prior, I would not have only had time to come up with a better plan to keep her safe but to build a better relationship with her. I spent an entire year trying to convince myself she was just some meaningless human. I pushed her way when I could, but yet kept her close as a friend. When I finally decided that I couldn’t ignore my feelings any longer and it was time to make a move, it was also time for the zombies to execute our plan of taking over. If only I had met her sooner, maybe things wouldn’t
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