“Thanks a lot for your help, Reggie,” Beau said, hanging up his cell phone. With a satisfied smile, he stared out the window at the fabulous view of Chicago for a few minutes. Finally, everything was starting to come together.

A light knock on his door let him know Emily had arrived to get him for his meeting. “Come in,” he said, still smiling.

Emily breezed in the door, holding the files he’d be needing. “Good morning, Beau. Here are the reports you asked for and—what has gotten into you?” She stopped, staring at him, her eyes wide as she giggled.

“Huh? Oh, nothing. I just… got some good news. That’s all.”

“Well, I hope it has to do with Mia. We really had a nice time the other night at dinner. She’s such a wonderful person. It’s really too bad she has to work for Sam.”

“Hopefully, that won’t be the case for too much longer,” he said, standing and taking the files from his secretary. “I just heard from my friend Reggie. He owns a marketing firm down the street.”

“The one Mia applied
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