Ch. 3: Our Little Secret

Over the last couple of weeks, things have been back to normal, well my normal anyway. Jace is back to shoving me against lockers as he walks by, or trying to trip me when he passes me in the halls. His two friends shoulder bump me, but that’s the extent to what they do to me; the rest is all Jace.

I’m standing at my locker with the door open, reading a text from my mom, when suddenly the door slams shut. It startles me, and I jump back. Kaylee is leaning against the locker next to mine with her arms crossed and a huge smirk on her face. I roll my eyes and go to reopen my locker, but she stops me by slamming her hand against my door.

I sigh heavily, “What do you want, Kaylee?”

“A little respect, for one!” she glares at me.

“I haven’t done anything to you. Believe me, I try to avoid you like the plague.” I say smugly.

“See! That right there…it’s disrespectful!” She points her long, pointed finger nail at me.

“You have to earn respect, Kaylee. You lost my respect when you decided to start treating me like crap for no reason.” I’m just so tired of being scared about who will do what to me. I need to start standing up for myself, “So, again, what do you want? I have a class to get to.”

She huffs, and then gets right up in my face, “Talk to me like that again, and see where that gets you!”

I don’t have time for this, so I put on the biggest fake smile for her, “Geesh, I’m so sorry, Kaylee. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

She gives me a squinty glare at my sarcasm, “I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of Jace throwing a party at his house tomorrow night, and that you are not invited.”

“What makes you think that I would even want to go to one of his parties?”

“Well, I just know how both your parents are close friends and they will probably expect you to go.” She copies my stance.

“Whatever, no worries. I definitely will not be there.” I decide to walk away before I get even more annoyed with the barbie wanna be. I hear her snicker as I pass her, but she doesn’t stop me. Why would she even think that I would expect to be invited?

“Hey, Ella…wait up!” My sister calls out as she jogs up to me, “What class do you have next?”

“History, why do you ask?”

“Oh, just wondering. Are you doing anything this afternoon?”

“Not as of right now, unless mom asks, why?”

“Well, I was wondering if you could take me to the mall and help me pick an outfit out.”

“Of course, I will! I love shopping with you.” I bring her in for a side hug as we walk down the hall.

“Thank you! I better get going, my class is all the way downstairs.” She chuckles.

I shake my head in amusement as my sister bounces away.

“Your little sister is turning into a hottie.” My body freezes at the sound of his voice. Spinning around, I come face to face with my bully.

“Please stay away from her.” I plead.

His hand presses against the middle of his chest, and he gives a fake gasp, “You hurt my feelings, Ella. I would never do anything to hurt an innocent girl like Elise.” He leans in, so the other students passing by don’t hear what he’s about to say, “She isn’t you. I’d never do to her all the things I want to do to you. I wouldn’t want to hurt her like I want to hurt you.”

Even though his words are hurtful, they send a tingle through me, making my core throb. I suck in a breath and take a little step back. When I glance up at his face, there is a look that has replaced the hardness that is usually there. Almost like a look that promises me that he will be doing exactly what he just said. We are only a few inches away from each other, the smell of his cologne tickles my nose. I know the scent well, because it’s still the same one that he started wearing when we were friends. It’s the one that I bought him; he’s never changed it after all this time.

I don’t dare say anything or try to move away. I wait for him to depart first, and when he gives me a sneer and stomps away, I blow the breath out that I hadn’t realized I was holding in.

“Oh my God, that is so cute on you! I think you should definitely go with that one.”

I’ve been sitting down, flipping through an out of date fashion magazine while my sister tries on outfit after outfit. I really don’t mind, it’s not like I have anything else going on in my life. Living vicariously through Elise at least helps me keep up on life outside of home and school.

“You think so?” She turns in front of the full-length mirror, trying to decide, “I still think I should go with the green dress.”

My mouth drops open, “You mean the one wear your butt cheeks are peeking out of the bottom?”

“Don’t exaggerate, Ella.”

“Who are you going out on a date with anyway?” I slap her hand away as she tries to fold the already small crop top, up so it sits right under her breasts.

“Oh, I don’t have a date.”

I’m totally confused now, “So what was this important shopping trip for?”

Her eyes widen as she looks over at me, “Um, hello! It’s Jace’s very first party at his house! Aren’t you going?”

She leaves me speechless to where I just stand here gawking at her until she shakes me a bit.

“Earth to Ella! Did you hear me?”

“Uh, yeah, um…but no, I’m not going.” I tilt my head at her, “Why are you going? You never even talk to him.”

She shrugs, “He personally invited me this morning.” Cocking her hip and placing her hand upon it, she scrutinizes me, “You’re seriously not going? I mean, you two used to be inseparable and now I never see you guys talk. Is there something going on that you haven’t told men about?”

Elise has no idea of the hell that our next door neighbor puts me through on a daily basis. He makes sure to be on his best behavior when she or any other family member is around. I don’t want her knowing, but I also don’t want her going to that party. Nothing good can come from him inviting my little sister; he’s up to something.

Putting one of my famous fake smiles on, I rub her arm, “There is nothing to tell. Friends grow apart, and parties are not my thing.” An idea comes to me, “Hey, why don’t you ditch the party and we can go hit up the next town, maybe check out that new hangout that everybody seems to be crazy about?”

She scoffs at me, “Seriously? Mom and Dad finally give me permission to go to a high school party, and you think I will pass it up?” Her head shakes, “Uh huh, not doing it.”

Feeling defeated, I go back to the chair I was sitting in, “In that case, wear this outfit. I don’t want any of those buttholes from school trying to feel you up, and they will try.”

“Fine. I will listen to my big sister’s advice.” She goes to enter the dressing room but then turns back to me, “I love you, Ella. If there is anything that you need to talk about, I’m here for you. All of your secrets are safe with me.”

I smile, “Thank you, Elise. Right back at you.”

She nods her head and sadly smiles back before closing the dressing room door. I need to talk to Jace before that party. I need to know what his plans are with my baby sister. Maybe if I tell her what he’s been doing to me for the past two years, then she won’t go. Biting my thumb nail, I contemplate on doing just that. In the end, though, I just can’t do it. I can’t tell her how much of a pussy her big sister is because she can’t stand up to the boy next door.

I’ve just finished supper with my family when I excuse myself. I hurry to my room and glance out my window to see if Jace is home. His black jeep is parked in the driveway, so I pick up my cell and type out a quick text.

ME: Can we talk?

Hitting send, I wait. I get nothing back for at least ten minutes, and just when I think he’s going to ignore me, my phone pings.

JP: Why would I want to talk to you?

ME: Please, it’s important!

JP: What’s in it for me?

Seriously? What a douche bag! I sit back, biting my lower lip while I think about what to say. My phone pings again.

JP: I don’t have all night, Ella. Some of us have a life you know!

ME: Ok…I’m thinking!

JP: Did you just yell at me?

Oh shoot! What was I thinking?!

ME: No, I promise!

JP: Yelling & lying to me, tsk tsk, You’re in for it tomorrow.

ME: Please, Jace…I’m sorry!

JP: Oh, you’re going to be sorry! Now, what did you want?

ME: Can we meet up for a minute? It’s about my sister.

JP: Fine. Come over, but hurry, I have to be somewhere.

ME: Ok, thanks.

He doesn’t bother to respond back, so I quickly jump from my bed and hurry downstairs. There isn’t anybody around as I head straight for the door, and I’m thankful for thank, because then I’d have to tell them where I’m going. The last thing I need is my mom telling me to invite Jace over. She used to think of him as a second son, and was sad when he stopped coming over.

As I step out the door, I stop for a moment. I’m about to enter my bully’s home, what am I thinking? I glance over and see that their garage door is open and that Mrs. Palmer’s car is parked in it. I sigh in relief, I should be safe with his mom home, so I quicken my steps so he doesn’t get angry at me for taking too long.

I press the doorbell and wait. My heartbeat quickens when the door opens and I see Jace standing there, shirtless. He’s holding a shirt in his hand, so I must have caught him as he was finishing up getting dressed. He glances up and down the street and then nods for me to come in. Is he embarrassed to have me in his house?

My eyes are still on his bare chest when his hardened voice gets my attention, “What the fuck do you need to talk to me about?” I almost frown when he slides his shirt over his head, but cover it up right away.

“Um, my sister told me that you invited her to your party.”

“Yeah, so.”

“What do you plan on doing to her?”

“I don’t think that is any of your business. Your sister is a big girl.” He smirks and winks at me as he bites his lower lip. He wants me to know that his intentions are bad without actually coming out and saying so.

“Please, Jace. You can do whatever you want to me, but please, leave Elise alone. She’s innocent. She doesn’t even know what you do to me every day.” I plead with both my words and my eyes, but all it does is make him smirk more.

“And what is it that I do to you every day, Ella?”

“You know what you do, Jace.” I whisper and dip my eyes to the floor.

“Look at me when we are talking!” He growls, waiting until I’m looking straight in his eyes, “Now, tell me what I do to you.”

“Jace I…” What does he want me to say? He knows exactly what he does to me day in and day out.

All of a sudden, I’m pinned up against the front door with his hand on my throat. He’s not cutting off all my air, but he’s making it harder for me to breathe. My hands instantly go to his one hand at my neck, and I try to pull it off, but it doesn’t budge. He steps up close to where I can feel his breath on my face when he talks.

“What’s the matter, Ella? Are you afraid that I will hurt you?”

“Please…” I gasp.

He dips his head into the crook of my shoulder and inhales deeply, “Mm, you smell so good. I would love nothing more than to tie you down and taste every inch of you,” he pulls back, “but then, I guess you’re used to having guys taste you, aren’t you?”

 I stare at him in confusion, “No, I…”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” His eyes peruse my body before they meet my own once more, “Maybe it’s time that I get my turn, though. Huh, Ella, what do you say to that?” His hand loosens a little bit, “I will make sure your baby sister is safe while at my party as long as you promise to obey me in everything.”

“YES! I p-promise!”

“I mean it Ella. You do everything I say, no matter what, no matter when, no matter where. If you go back on your promise, not only will you be severely punished, but I will punish Elise as well, and then let my friends have their fun with her.” He grins evilly, “Toby and Brandon have been dying to tag team her since the first day of school. Lucky for you, I’ve protected her from them, and every other male in this school.”

Oh my God, he has gone completely crazy! The Jace I knew is long gone, and in his place is this sick pervert that loves to power trip. What do I say to his offer? If I don’t agree, then who knows what will happen to Elise at his party, but if I agree…? I know I shouldn’t, I should run far away and never look back, but when he stares deep into my eyes, it doesn’t matter what kind of monster he is, my body and my heart will still want him. My heart remembers and still loves the friend and the boy that he used to be, but my body is screaming for the monster he’s turned into. His words and the way he hurts me sometimes, fills me with a need that only he can fulfill.

Before I realize what I’m doing, I’m nodding, “Okay Jace, it’s a deal.”

His smirk drops from his face. He must have thought I would turn him down.

He scoffs, “Are you that much of a horny slut that you would allow someone to do whatever they want to you?” A look of disgust crosses his face and he drops his hand from my neck.

“No, but I will do whatever it takes to protect my sister. Even if it means selling my soul to the devil himself.” I’m leaning against the door with my hand against my throat.

“Maybe I should take you to my room and teach you how not to talk to me,” He steps back into my space and with one hand beside my head, I feel his other hand snake between my thighs, “Or just teach you right hear.”

“Jace, your mom may see!” I squeal and try to shove his hand away.

“Shut it, Ella! Mom isn’t home, we are all alone. Don’t ever try shoving my hand away when I touch you.” He glares down at me as he starts pulling away again, “You’re already breaking your promise. The party should be real fun…”

I grab his wrist, “No, I’m sorry! I just thought your mom was home.” I then put my hands to my sides, allowing him to feel me up once more.

His hand doesn’t go back to where it was before, though. Instead, he brings it up and softly runs circles around my nipple through my shirt. I feel it stiffen, and it takes all I have not to moan. He brings his face closer to mine, staring into my eyes the whole time.

“Don’t tell anyone about our little arrangement. It’s our little secret, Ella.” He waits until I nod my head in understanding, and just when I think he’s going to kiss me, he bites down on my lower lip at the same time he pinches my nipple between his fingers. I bite my tongue, so I don’t give him the satisfaction of hearing me scream, “Oh, I think I’ve found myself a little pain slut.” I whimper, “We are going to have lots of fun together, Ella. I want you in the Art room during last period tomorrow.”

“O-Okay Jace.” I’m trying to concentrate on everything he is saying, but my nipple is still caught between his fingers.

He glances down at his hand and then slowly lets go. I feel all the blood flow back into my nipple, and I have to close my eyes and bite my tongue once again because of the pain that comes with the release. Stepping away from me once more, he opens the door, indicating that I need to leave. I step over the threshold, but his voice stops me and I look over my shoulder at him.

“Remember, Art room...last period. Oh, and don’t forget, this is our little secret.” He closes the door before I can respond back.

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Nina Wagner
Call the police!! This is a psycho in the making. If you don't want to save yourself, think of the unfortunate women in his future for goodness sake!!
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Emily von Pfahl
He’s disgusting. He got jealous and butthurt that she was talking to another guy, decided to ignore her and believe that lying liar over her and then decided to abuse her for years? Total scum.
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Abugu Tim
intriguing and interesting story

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