Ch. 5: Punishing Ella

“Go to Mrs. Kemper’s desk and grab the rule that is laying by her computer.” Jace orders me, and as agreed, I obey him. Walking slowly over to her desk, I find the wooden ruler that he was talking about and bring it to him. He shows no emotion as he takes it from me, but he does swing it through the air, and then slapping it down on his palm, “That will work perfectly.” He nods toward the nearby desk, “Pull you pants down and then bend over that desk.”

My eyes go to the desk, and then the ruler in his hand, and lastly, his face. His brow is raised as he waits for me to do as he says. I knew there was a possibility that I would be getting spanked today, but I thought it would be by his hand again. This is so going to hurt. Unbuttoning my jeans, I move towards the indicated desk and pull my jeans down, just over my butt. Bending over, I wait for him to begin, and when he doesn’t start right away, I start to freak out a little. I think that’s his plan, though. The longer he makes me wai
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Grace Stephens
Lmao I love that last bit lmao all determination lol

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