Ch. 7: Forgive Me

Something happened the night that Jace came to my room. I’m not quite sure what it was, or what caused it, but he hasn’t bothered me in over a month. Our eyes will meet in the halls at school, but it’s as if he is looking right through me, and not seeing me at all. No more being shoved against lockers, or tripped in the halls. There are no more punishments in the Art room during last period; those are what I miss. I try thinking back to that night, when his hands touched, and caressed me; where they filled me with a desire that I have never felt before. I had sworn to put on a show for him that night, because it’s what he had wanted, but in the end, there was no acting on my end. He had succeeded in taking what he was wanting from me; he knew I would deliver like the good girl that I am, and he was so right.

I watch him when nobody else is looking, and he is the same guy around everyone else; it’s just me. I’m not sure what is worse, him bullying me, or him ignoring me completely. At
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Igbodi Omowunmi
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Adebayo Olufunmiayo
I hope mason turn a new life
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Stacy Rush
This is a dark romance with dark themes to it. It will have explicit scenes throughout... just an FYI ;)

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