chapter 9

on the next day morning, Patrick was sleeping suddenly his phone rang with sleepy eyes Patrick took the phone and looked at it.

he didn't know who's call it is but when he looked at the screen his eyes widened and his wide awake.

it's none other than his ex-girlfriend Susan. initially, he didn't want to answer it but he pressed the green button and put the phone near his ear and said "hello" on the other side Susan immediately shouted "Patrick why didn't you reply to my messages. ok! anyway any way come to the lake behind the university or I will jump into the lake and commit suicide on your name " without letting Patrick respond she immediately cut the call.

Patrick was stunned for a moment looking at the phone and he immediately rushed to the lake he didn't to his because it will be too troublesome now if Susan see the car.

he knows she is want to talk about the money she thinks he won in the lottery.

as he reached the lake Susan was standing there alone she is beautiful but he neve
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