Marry her or die?

We were just quiet inside the car while I was looking out of the windshield and nervous as I was next to her. Many questions were running through my mind, but I chose to just keep my mouth shut because she didn’t seem to be in the mood. Until we stopped in front of a large mansion that looked like a beautiful palace. I got out of the car as I looked up and watched it.

“What are you doing there? Let's go inside.” She said so, I immediately followed her. When we went inside, we were immediately greeted by every person we met there. Chinese is the language they use while she walks straight.

“Where are we and what are they saying?” I whispered to her, and then she looked at me sharply, so I just closed my mouth again. I just followed behind her wherever she went. Furthermore, I don’t know whether this is a palace or a museum? There are many antics around us and there are roman paintings on the ceiling.

“Lory.” We both stopped when someone called her name. A woman in her forties approached her with one eyebrow raised. “Where are you from, and why are you just now? Do you know how much you humiliated us with Gil's parents?” She added as she looked sharply at her.

“How many times do I have to tell you that I don't want to marry Gil? I don't love him, and he's not the one I want to marry, Mom.” She replied, and I was surprised to realize that the woman in front of us now was her mother. But I was even more surprised when she suddenly slapped Lory hard in the face.

“Profanity! There is no other man who will suit you but Gil, so whether you don't want to or not, the two of you will still be married and as long as you two don't get married you won't be able to get out of your room.” Her mother shouted, and she called two men to hold Lory by the arm and lock her in her room. But even before they could take her away from me, she immediately approached me and held my hand tightly.

“I can't marry Gil because I'm already married to him.” She said that her mother was shocked that she almost faint into shock, but she was immediately caught by her assistants in the back. “We're legally married and if you don't believe me, I have proof that we're both married.” She added at the same time she showed them all our marriage contract. Her mother immediately stood up and took the paper in her hand. Therefore, she became even more angry with Lory and me. She watched me closely from head to toe as she stared at me sharply.

“It's not true. Who is this man and how much did you pay him to fool me like this, Lory?” Her mother's angry response to her.

“You can find out whether I'm really telling the truth or not. I know you have a lot of Dad's assets, so ask them if the marriage contract I'm holding now is fake or true.” She replied, and her mother held his forehead. A maid approached her immediately and handed her a glass of water and gently sat her on the sofa. Lory turned to me and took my hand again. We were about to sit on the sofa, but her mother stopped us again.

“Who told you to sit here?” She said as she looked at me, but I just turned my head. “Lory, do you know how much of a shame you did? The moment your father finds out he will only get even angrier with you and by chance he might even kill this man.” She added. My eyes widened in shock when I heard from her mother that her father could kill me, so I looked at Lory and let go of her hand. But again Lory held my hand tightly, and she faced her mother bravely.

“What you think will not happen because I will protect him, no matter what happens. You have to kill me first if you want to hurt him.” She courageously responded to her mother, which impressed me. It’s no joke what she’s going through right now, and I also can’t say that she’s doing it right. But I could feel how desperate she was to be free of her parents, and I could feel that at any moment tears would fall in her eyes. So, I tightened the grip on her hand, so she could feel that she was not alone.

Until we heard a loud bang from the door and I saw a man with a black aura walking towards us now. We could only follow his gaze when he suddenly punched me hard in the face, so I immediately fell down and felt dizzy.

“Dad!” Lory shouted as she restrained him. It was only then that I realized that he was Lory's father and I could feel the force of his blow to me how angry he was.

“Dad, that's enough!” Lory added while begging and crying in front of her parents.

“Take Lory to her room and get that man out of my house!” Her father ordered, so they immediately separated Lory from me and took her into her room. While his father was looking sharply at me, and after a while, they forced me out of there.

“No, Lory! Lory!” I repeatedly shouted across the gate as the rain slowly poured down. I didn’t leave there until nightfall. Furthermore, I was still standing there while I was soaking wet in the rain. I bowed my head and stared at Lory's necklace in my palm.

I didn't know that you were going through such a difficult time. But don’t worry because you’re not alone anymore. I promise to protect you, and I will keep what we both agreed to. I won't give up, Lory, and please don't give up either because it's all just beginning. I'll get you out of your cage as long as you just trust me.

When the morning came, I did not realize that I had slept outside. I just woke up when two men suddenly approached me. They grabbed me by my both arms and put me inside again.

“What do you need from me? Let me go!” I screamed over and over as I struggled. They took me to an abandoned room and I saw a man standing there as he turned around and put his hands in his pockets.

They only let me go when I got inside, and then they immediately closed the door and left the two of us inside. He slowly turned to me and I realized that it was Lory's father.

“Tell me your name and where you live and how you met my daughter?” He inquired as I looked up at him. I didn't respond immediately, and thought about what Lory and I had talked about before. Since I don’t remember anything, she gave me a name and I memorized my fake personal information so that they wouldn’t suspect me.

“My name is Markus Tan. I met Lory when …” I couldn't continue what I was about to say when he suddenly approached me.

“Do you love my daughter?” He asked that I was shocked at him, so I didn’t answer him right away. “Are you deaf? Do you love her or not?” He added that he frowned and clenched his two fists. I was suddenly nervous and was swallowed up deeply by fear. I bowed my head and slowly opened my mouth.

“Yes, I-I love Lory.” I replied while my voice was still shaking.

“Then can you die for her?” He said so I quickly looked up at him. “Are you willing to sacrifice your own life for the sake of your love for her? You probably know that she is already engaged to someone else and their marriage is set. So, no one can stop them, even you. If I have to lay down a life just for my daughter's future, so I won't hesitate to kill you.” He said at once he pulled out a gun and pointed it at me. My eyes widened in shock, and I was suddenly sweating from coldness. I felt my whole body numb with fear, and I didn’t know what to do in those moments. I just heard a loud gunshot and fell to the floor, then I lost consciousness.

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